It's easy to see how a relatively small animal could get trapped under a vehicle and barricaded by snow during the massive storm we got this week.  But what's hard to comprehend, is how a 2-year-old kitty could survive such an ordeal in the harsh, cold conditions while trapped, scared and covered in snow.

Meet "Jack Frost", the newly named furball who was brought into the Saratoga County Animal Shelter by a Round Lake woman who saved the kitty during Snowmageddon.  Jack is tattered but stable-  and lucky to be alive.

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According to the report by News 10 ABC, Andrea Klotz is the woman who found the tabby while she was shoveling out her truck on Wednesday.  That's when, according to News 10 ABC, she noticed the furry and freezing feline underneath her truck.

He must have sought shelter underneath the vehicle, and then was plowed-in when trucks cleared out portions of the road.  Klotz brought the kitty inside her home and "gave him some food and water, alongside a good amount of TLC, before taking him to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter" according to the report.

Once the animal was in the care of the SCAS, he was given the name "Jack Frost."  Jack, according to the report isn't exactly a picture of purrrfect health, but he's doing okay and if they can't find his owners, he'll be up for adoption down the road.

Here's a link to the current list of animals that are available for adoption now at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter.

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