It is well overdue for the residents in Rotterdam at the Five Corners. They will finally get a grocery store and it's a chain that is known for quality products and inexpensive shopping. An ALDI grocery store is coming to the Town of Rotterdam in a much-needed part of town.

I love shopping at ALDI, not only do they keep their prices low, their chocolate chip dunkers are shortbread cookies that are delicious. They also have Jalapeno Poppers that are not only amazing but a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Plus if you want a sweet treat, they carry their own chocolate-covered sea salt caramels. These are my favorite. They have some unique treats that you can't find anywhere else. Not to mention their fresh produce and meats. I am excited that Five Corners can experience ALDI in their neighborhood.

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According to News 10 ABC, the new ALDI will be built in a vacant retail site that was once a drugstore and previously a sporting goods store. The Town of Rotterdam and Schenectady County has been trying to build at this site for some time and was a high priority.

The plans are to build a twenty thousand square foot ALDI grocery store at Five Corners which is on the western side of Rotterdam. The Five Corners represent where Broadway, Princetown Road, Mariaville Road, Duanesburg Road, and Curry Road intersect.

Rotterdam Supervisor, Steven Tommasone said,

This project is a great example of the County and Town working together with the private sector to encourage smart growth. To the many residents of Rotterdam who wanted a grocery store on the western side of town, we hope you join us in welcoming this new business to our community.

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