We know what Ronnie Dunn is thankful for at Thanksgiving 2011: the news that he’s expecting his first grandchild! Dunn told Kickin’ Country 100.5, albeit offhandedly, that he’s awaiting the arrival of a new family member and that he already knows it’s a boy.

“There’s always somethin’ to be thankful for, we find. Our kids come into town. My son is a teacher in Sacramento. They … he and his wife — I can’t say the word — it’s our first child that one of our kids has had. What do you call that word? [Laughs] I can’t get it to come out yet,” Dunn said, clearly still in shock at the surprise.

“Anyway, they have a baby due,” he continued. “Found out it’s a boy. And, so, I’m gonna be a granddad. I got it out. I gotta go to therapy now.”

While Dunn spun his good fortune into a bit of a joke, we can imagine that he’s over the moon about the impending baby madness, especially being that his first grandchild will be a boy.