I am in no way qualified to do restaurant reviews, trust me.  I'm just your average shmo who loves to eat out.  But this place has become a personal favorite really fast, and I just had to share it with you folks (and I get no kickback for doing this article, although I certainly wish I did!) 

Everyone knows Carmine Sprio in this area.  He's a consummate restauranteur.  Well, he recently settled into downtown Albany with a fantastic new "themed" restaurant,  and it even caught the attention of Mayor Jennings when it happened.

Dorrie and I gave Carmine's Brazilian Grill a try several months ago and were totally blown away by the selection, the endless refills of every conceivable type of meat and poultry you could imagine, and the fantastic atmosphere.

If you've never experienced the Brazilian Grill concept, here is the way it is served at the table

photo by Richie Phillips

Those are our good friends George and Linda Dickie along with Dorrie (celebrating her birthday, by the way).  You can see George scratching his head wondering which of those delicious meat selections to choose from - mostly because she's already been around 8 times before!

The meat was tender, everything was piping hot, the salad bar was huge, and the Merlot to day for. I waddled out of there at the end of the evening.  There you have my very detailed review!  Do yourselves a favor and savor the flavor of everything Carmine has to offer.   It's on Sheridan Ave right across from Capital Rep (the old Big House).   Bring a BIG APPETITE!