Countryfest Plays Cupid
We always meet great listeners whenever GNA goes out "Live On Location." As we helped promote the Dunkin' Run at the Albany Jewish Community Center, we met Chris and Pam Petersen.
Lonestar Exclusive
Lonestar's new 'Life as We Know it' album is available as of June 4, and the band is giving Taste of Country readers a chance to hear the whole thing with an exclusive stream. 'Life as We Know It' is the first album with original lead singer Richie McDonald since 'Mount…
Lonestar Reunite
Multi-Platinum country crossover group Lonestar have announced the release of a new album, 'Life as We Know It,' on June 4. The new project is the group's first since lead singer Richie McDonald returned to the fold after an absence of four years.
Top 5 Lonestar Songs — Scott’s Favorites [VIDEOS]
Lonestar is back with original lead singer Richie McDonald and they are playing Upstate Concert Hall tonight for a big reunion show. I've been a fan of these guys since day one back in the 90's and I am glad they are back. So many great songs and we all have our favorites and here are a fe…

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