Hey, don't attack me here.  I actually can feel the pain that UPS must be feeling right now regarding their delivery troubles, but I decided to have a little fun with it anyway, cuz it's morning radio, and that's our job!! 

Package Shipping Companies Rush To Delivery Backlog Of Christmas Packages
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I'm sure you know the story, but if not, FoxNews.com has a great article on it. 

In a nutshell, because of a multitude of reasons, many, many Christmas deliveries from both UPS and FedEx were delayed.  I'm wondering if people have gotten them by now?  To help appease angry customers, they and Amazon.com  are offering refunds. Hopefully that will calm the anger out there.  Maybe a little humor will help too, so I gave it a shot this morning (written during the course of the show, but don't tell anybody).

Were YOU a victim of this debacle?  What happened? Would love to know in the comment section.

  UPS Christmas Tree Song
 lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree

there were no gifts beneath thee
thy wife did curse beneath their breath
hey whats the deal with UPS?
Our youngest said" I can't believe
will I have to wait til New Year's Eve?"
where are they all?  Where have they gone
did Santa buy through Amazon ?
 Their slogan makes me wonder too
"Just what can brown do for you?"
if you ask that question of my son
"please overnight thy Xbox 1!"


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