Richie Phillips has always been one of the most respected radio personalities in the Northeast, currently heard on the Sean and Richie show on 1077/GNA.

Now, the award winning musical funny man, known as Rhymin' Richie Phillips, has launched his first music video. Much like the king of country comedy Ray Stevens, Phillips takes on politics and gives us a chance to laugh it off, no matter what side you're on.

Through the years, he's made us laugh along with his crazy songs on the radio with classics like 'Puttin' Up Cones' and 'Super Calloused Feet, Bad Hips And Osteoporosis!' Now we can watch and share his crazy creations all over the web with Richie's new Comedy music videos. Before you click on Phillips' debut video below, remember he also has a serious side with the Reading, Writing and Rhyming tour.

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