Ray Stevens

Taylor Swift is a Stalker!
Sure she looks sweet and innocent, calms babies from crying, sends her adoring fans gifts and surprises them at their homes unannounced, but WHY is she doing all that?! Maybe it's to hide the fact that she's a stalker! At least, that's what this video suggests...
Ray Stevens
Country Music's original king of comedy songs recently celebrated his 75th Birthday. Ray Stevens, best known for his crazy country singles like 'The Streak' and 'The Mississippi Squirrel Revival' is still going strong with select tour dates and made for YouTube videos.
Richie Goes Viral
Richie Phillips has always been one of the most respected radio personalities in the Northeast, currently heard on the Sean and Richie show on 1077/GNA.
Top 10 Country Music Halloween Songs
If you're looking for some fun country music Halloween songs that would compliment classics like 'Monster Mash,' 'Love Potion No. 9,' 'Thriller,' and 'Purple People Eater,' check out our list of 10 country music songs with spooky themes, haunted stories o…

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