Now HERE are some kids with REAL CHARACTER.  As a followup to 'GNA's SOS drive,  The children from a school in New Jersey wants to start collecting needed items for families in New York and New Jersey in the wake of "SANDY",  and are asking if other schools would like to chip in.  Here's how

I found out about this project from the Academy of Character Education at the Sage Colleges.  They work with many schools throughout the state and the nation to instill and promote good character traits in children.  This is a great way to put these ideas into motion - by getting them to be involved in charity events and community activities.

Their idea couldn't come too soon, especially after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  Here's what one school in New Jersey has set out to do. Scroll all the way to the bottom for a contact person.  Your school can collect these items and send them too!

The students of

Richard Stockton Elementary School

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

2012 National School of Character

need your help to support the victims of

Hurricane Sandy in

New Jersey and New York.

google earth

We are reaching out to other

National Schools of Character

asking you to join our service learning project.

We are collecting:

new Socks, new underwear (men, women, & children)

Gift cards to CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, or cash donations

to be sent to the

South Jersey American Red Cross Disaster Relief

Gift cards will enable parents to purchase much

needed supplies including:

baby supplies, Medicines, personal hygiene items,

pet supplies, etc.

Contact persons:

Eloisa Woodruff, Principal

Richard Stockton Elementary School

200 Wexford Drive

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


Cindy Valentino