Everyone is talking about  wealth these days ,especially the financial well-being of certain financial candidates (i.e. Mitt Romney).  Yes, he is filthy rich, without doubt.  But if, and I do say IF he were to become the leader of the free world, how would he stack up on the richness scale?  This is interesting (at least to me!)

According to Time Magazine, if you did a little bit of math, there were several Presidents who put Mitt's money to shame.

Mitt, according to the article is worth some $220 million dollars.  But he pales in comparison to some of the others.

How about this guy, for example:

Again, according to the article, if you work it out in current dollars, the big daddy of our country , George Washington, was worth over $500 MILLION.  He married a wealthy widow and had huge landholdings as well.

How about this man?

Yes, Mr. Jefferson had his own "independence", or at least financially speaking.  Worth 212 million!

And don't assume here that the richest of all Presidents was necessarily a Republican!  Here he is!

Converted into 2010 dollars, John F Kennedy, because of his family fortune land holdings and other investments was worth (drumroll) 1 BILLION dollars.

And if you think that wealthy Presidents don't connect with the people, look at how popular he was!  So don't      necessarily assume that a political figure who is rolling in the dough is not "down with the peeps".

There you go -a pre-President's Day history lesson, courtesy of Time Magazine.  You can read the whole list of Presidents here at Time.com

Do you think that a poor President would be better than a rich one?  Let me know below!