Some people are doing it! According to the, Maseratis are starting to sell in the Capital Region. So are other high ticket items.   Go figure...

Hey, more power to you if you have an extra $70,000 to throw around.  It just amazes me that someone would have that kind of cash.  What does that say about the economy of the Capital Region.  I guess it says a lot, and according to recent figures, we're doing pretty well around these parts.

According to the article, upscale retailers like Norstrom, Lord and Taylor and Whole Foods are here and alive and well, so I guess a Maserati dealership would fit right in.

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Supposedly salaries in the area are up and unemployment is down.  I also read somewhere that besides Long Island, the Capital Region has the lowest unemployment in the state's metro areas.  Oh wait - I know where I read that.. in the Times Union!  (You're welcome, Times Union for the plugs)

So where am I going with this?  I guess I have a question.  No matter how rich you were, would you spend $70,000-$150,000 on a car?  I personally wouldn't.  I'd have a nice one, don't get me wrong, but I can think of other ways to go in that regard.  Would love to know YOUR ideas!