These reporters didn't know it, but they were working for K-I-S-S.

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by watching this compilation of reporters from News Be Funny getting blindsided with kisses while doing live reports? Most of these hard-working journalists, of course, did not know they were going to be smooched.

It's a random (NSFW for one moment with blue language) collection of puckered-up culprits, ranging from celebs like 50 Cent, Harry Styles and Blake Shelton to New Year's revelers and fired-up sports fans who just can't contain their enthusiasm. Heck, there's even a Triple Crown-winning horse that gets in on the action.

And while most reporters go with the flow and laugh it off, there are some who are not even remotely amused, like the guy doing a story on terrorism (you can't blame him, can you?) and a taken aback Will Smith.

And one final warning: be ready to see Al Roker lock lips, too. Like we said, you've been warned.

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