It's important we remember when our kids go out to play ball that they are kids and have the right to enjoy that fact. As the proud father of a small softball player I thought I might share some of my pride. Two games into this season my daughter is really playing well and that's great but the other day her friend struck out at the plate and was clearly sad. She walked towards the dugout dragging her bat and hanging her head. I went to offer some words of encouragement because I am helping out as a coach this season. Thing is I was too late. By the time I got to the little girl that really had a nice at bat just didn't get a hit, my daughter was already there. She gave her a hug and told her she did good and she'd get a hit next time. I've never been more proud.

So this morning when Sean read this poem on the air it made me remember all the times I've heard parents and coaches make little kids hang there heads instead of give them hugs.


He Is Just a Little Boy
By Chaplain Bob Fox

He stands at the plate
with his heart pounding fast.
The bases are loaded,
the die has been cast.
Mom and Dad cannot help him,
he stands all alone.
A hit at this moment
would send his team home.
The ball meets the plate,
he swings and he misses.
There's a groan from the crowd,
with some boos and some hisses.
A thoughtless voice cries,
"Strike out the bum."
Tears fill his eyes,
the game's no longer fun.
So open up your heart
and give him a break,
for it's moments like this,
a man you can make.
Please keep this in mind
when you hear someone forget,
He is just a little boy,
and not a man yet.


If written today clearly girls would be included but the point is clear. Let our kids play and enjoy. Encourage them don't break them down.

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