6 months of heartache

It was 6 months ago when Schenectady teen Samantha Humphrey went missing in the area of Riverside Park on the banks of the Mohawk River.  It took 3 months painstaking months for police to be able to identify her body,  and then 3 more months for the autopsy report, which was just revealed on Tuesday.

Photo: Facebook
Samantha Humphrey

A frustrated family

During that time, certain family members of the 14-year-old have been very vocal and at times critical, about the way they felt the case was handled by law enforcement.

Expressing an overall lack of communication between the family and investigators, the Aunt of Samantha Humphrey hasn't shied away from voicing her displeasure about the investigation process from beginning to end.

Results of the Humphrey autopsy inconclusive

According to the Daily Gazette, the autopsy on the body of Schenectady teenager Samantha Humphrey "could not determine her cause of death" and the "Schenectady police subsequently deemed the case a homicide investigation."

According to the report, the forensic pathologist was unable to make a ruling on the cause of death, but the case is still being treated as an open homicide investigation.

The report stated that if the body was submerged in the river for an extended period of time, it could have contributed to the indeterminate autopsy results.

Photo: Facebook
Samantha Humphrey

A family member of Samantha Humphrey calls the report 'BS'

As you can imagine, it's been a stressful and heartbreaking 6-month roller-coaster for all parties involved, including law enforcement in Schenectady who want nothing more than to bring this case to a close.

But according to family members, much needs to be settled, and Humphrey's frustrated aunt, Kimmy Wall, has had enough.

[WGNA reached out to Humphrey's relatives, including Wall more than a few times over the past 6 months to get additional thoughts about the very delicate case and haven't heard back.]

Reacting on Tuesday to a Times Union story about the autopsy, an emotional Kimmy Wall questioned the validity of the report, and took the Schenectady PD to task by posting this to her Facebook page:

The Aunt of Samantha Humphrey reacts to the latest autopsy report Photo: Facebook
The Aunt of Samantha Humphrey reacts to the latest autopsy report Photo: Facebook

In a separate Facebook post, Wall didn't shy away from openly discussing, in part, what she and her family have endured over the last several months.

"We have all been easily discouraged throughout the entire process from what has been a lack of communication. We completely understand that (police) giving a weekly update isn’t possible...It’s also been very discouraging that Jaclyn (Samantha's mom) has to keep finding out everything about the case through the media instead of directly from the PD."
Wall also claims that "the media called us to tell us Sam was found, hours before the police did."

Scary time for family

Wall's frustration - in part -  stems from allegedly hearing news about Humphrey "secondhand" from the media and not the police.

In the meantime, Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney told the Daily Gazette that law enforcement will continue their due diligence in hopes of finding who may be responsible.


“It doesn’t stop the investigation, the investigation continues,” Carney said. “Obviously it’s a complication. What it means is that there was insufficient medical evidence with the forensic pathologist was unable to make a ruling on the cause of death...That’s his finding at this point.”

Wall, however, doesn't think that's enough, and she's not holding back her honest feelings about Humphrey's tragic death, and the mystery surrounding it by writing, "It’s such a scary time for Sam’s family & friends, not knowing what happened to her, and being told untrue stories & rumors."

And the family thinks that someone out there, freely walking the streets, is responsible.

"Not to mention, there’s a child murderer(s) STILL out walking around, putting the public at risk."

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