How many people have ever hosted a party? It doesn't matter where or when it was I bet most of them had Red Solo Cups somewhere.

From camping, to bonfires and class reunions or graduation parties millions of Americans have an interaction with a Red Solo Cup a lot more than they probably want to admit. I am not a fan of this sport because it encourages binge drinking which is not good in any way shape or form, but a friend of mine said that Red Solo Cups are also the official "basket" for beer pong too. I'll just take his word on it.

You know what would be cool? If some of you spelled out "1077 GNA" in Red Solo Cups and sent us the pictures for the offical GNA "Hall of Fame". LOL  Just in case someone is cool enough to actually do this here's my email  

If we get some cool pics I will post them with stories so you can show all your friends how creative and cool you are right here on

Here's the red hot video for Red Solo Cup from Toby Keith.