Brad Paisely's song, "Celebrity" is definitely one of my favorites.

With all these reality tv shows that are on, I'm glad to see that at least one is gone. The network, A & E, pulled the David Hasselhoff fiasco after 2 episodes. This show must have been extremely bad, since I can think of about 22 other reality shows to take of the air. As a matter of fact, you can do away with 95% of these horrible things. Television used to be called "the vast waste land". If whoever coined that phrase many years ago, I can't imagine what they would call it now.

I have a friend who loves the Kardashians. Why? He said because they're hot. I told him to buy a magazine.

To the big wig network folk, I beg of you, please take these horrendous things off. Give us back real entertainment, not reality "entertainment". Now, where did I put that remote?