Everyone is buzzing about this new Steven Speilberg movie and Jackson saw it, he told us whether or not you should see it or not.

"Ready Player One" is based on a book, set in the year 2045. It's when people can escape their realities with OASIS, the virtual reality where you explore your own imagination. The creator of OASIS left his fortune in the game and whoever can conquer the game, wins the fortune. Already looking to be the biggest movie of the weekend, Jackson gave us his review below.

He also previewed "Acrimony," the new Tyler Perry movie starring Taraji P. Henson. Henson's character is betrayed by her devious husband and becomes enraged. With the title meaning "bitterness or ill feeling," you can probably get an idea of where this story goes.

Jackson also gave us some insight into the upcoming Deadpool 2. There have projections over how well the theatres think it's going to do as well as some new about a Deadpool television show. You can find this and more at Lights-Camera-Jackson.com.

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