This story happened to take place in California, but it could happen anywhere especially here in the Northeast with our sweltering Summer heat peaking in late July and early August. This poor pup is lucky to be alive after his little helpless 'yelp' got the attention of a passerby who rescued it from a vehicle that reached over 130 degrees on the inside.  Not only doggies; horses, livestock and obviously humans too can be severely injured or die if owners act this reckless and dumb.

According to a story from News 10 ABC, a little pup named "Boomer" was spotted inside of a vehicle in Riverside, California by a concerned passerby who noticed the lethargic dog. The passerby was able to rescue the dog where he then turned him over to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.  The Sheriff's say the outside temperature at the times was 99 degrees and the inside of the car was approximated at over 130 degrees.

The Sheriff's announced that they were able to locate and subsequently arrest the owner of the dog for animal cruelty. Boomer, meanwhile, was taken in an air conditioned patrol car to the Ramona Humane Society where he is currently being cared for.

There's no word on who did this or why they did this, but the reality is that it's just plain dumb.  We are all given plenty of heat advisories and warnings during extreme temperatures and you would think things like this would never happen.  But it does.

How often have we all said,  "Well, I'm only running in for a second, I''ll be right out!" Tempted to "run in real quick" we may leave the car running, doors unlocked and though it should never ever happen, the unthinkable; leaving behind pets or kids.

Thankfully little Boomer didn't pay the ultimate price for someone's careless stupidity.

Photo: Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Photo: Riverside County Sheriff's Department
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