Pumpkin Spice Pizza?  How would you even make such a thing? We knew it was just a matter of time, after all, it is Fall. I had been seeing that various national pizza chains were piggybacking on the Autumn craze, but it wasn't available locally.  Well, that's about to change. Pumpkin Spice Pizza is coming to Latham.I was able to get confirmation that the recipe for a pumpkin spice pizza is currently being perfected by Paesan's Pizza and will be available in about a week or so at their Latham location.   Frank Scavio, owner of the local pizza chain has perfected the art of the pie over the years, but admits he has never attempted to make one of these before. Scavio has a pretty good idea, but would like your suggestions on how the perfect pumpkin spice pizza should be made, so feel free to offer up suggestions. We'll keep you posted here at WGNA when it's go time and the pizza is available.

I can already see the  'selfies' with the newly invented slice! #pumpkinpizzaislife





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