We’re just about into fall and with fall comes the thought of Halloween - with all the great costumes, candy and of course pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns.

Looking for Pumpkins

Besides Halloween, we start to think of pumpkin pies and pumpkin flavored drinks. This year, the pumpkin may cost you a little more money because of the destruction from Tropical Storm Irene caused at local farms. According to a story from our friends at YNN, there are a couple of reasons for the damage to the pumpkins - “One, the whole crop swept away into the river, plants and all. Other farmers have so much silt deposited onto the field it pretty much buries the pumpkin."

When you do find the pumpkin you want, it may cost you a little more money. The one thing to keep in mind is it may be worth it to spend the extra money, if you can, because that will help our local farmers.

You may have to pass on the Jack-o-lanterns this year, but if you have a recipe for home made pumpkin pie, you may find it worth spending the extra money for home grown pumpkins. Don’t you think there’s nothing like home made pies?

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