I tell ya, some days Maureen just seems to really hit the mark when she is on our show. Today was definitely one of those days. Usually, I have time to talk to her for a few minutes before we get to the calls so she can kind of get the psychic juices flowing, today, we dove right into the phones. I feel like she was pretty good right off the bat but she got better and better with each call.


Today we had 4 callers and I have to tell you if you listen closely you can hear more than one of them start to choke up as Maureen really started to hone in and hit the mark. Having been on the receiving end of one of her readings I can tell you it can really get to you emotionally. I remember that with the reading she did for me with my Dad, I was pretty useless for at least an hour afterwords.

If you missed it , or you were one of the lucky listeners who got through today , here is another chance to hear Maureen Hancock in action. I think you will enjoy the emotions in at least a couple of these great calls.

Caller 1 - Al

Caller 2 - Carrie

Caller 3 - Jason

Caller 4 - Millie

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