Did you try to get tickets for Hamilton earlier this week? And it didn't work out? Don't lose hope yet, Proctors has announced that you still have a chance to see the show!

At 10:00am on Monday, the box office to Proctors in Schenectady opened to a line of about 1000 people, a phone queue, as well as an internet queue. Everyone wanted these tickets but there was only go many to sell since the show is only going to be here from August 13- August 25.

According to CBS 6, the tickets are sold out, but that doesn't mean you're boxed out of the show. Many people will try to upsell tickets, scalp them, but Proctors is assuring you that there is a better way to try and get tickets. According to the Proctors Twitter:

Tickets to Hamilton are no longer available at this time. Additional seats will be made available for sale closer to the engagement. Please feel free to check back at your convenience. There will also be a lottery - details will be announced closer to opening night.

CBS 6 also hinted that in terms of a lottery, there will be 40 tickets for $10 seats at all performances. For specific details, as the tweet says, keep an eye on their social media for more information.

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