Thank goodness for social media! A woman posted about a potential child abductor in The Crossings in Colonie and now, it's going viral.

Madison Galarneau shared on Facebook a personal experience with a potential local child abductor seen at The Crossings of Colonie. As she mentioned in her post, she had almost been abducted as a child so is especially sensitive to similar situations around her.

According to her story, posted October 26th, that it was around noon when she was playing at the park with her 3-year-old niece and went in the family tree maze. They happened to see a couple standing inside just waiting there. Madison admitted that something didn't feel right so she and her niece went right into the maze. That's when she heard them talking.

She said she heard the man tell the woman "There's a little girl, finally" as the couple began to walk closer toward them. He then said "Are you just having so much fun?" That's when Madison picked up her niece and ran further into the maze. The couple ran the other direction but caught up along the side of the maze. They even followed Madison and her niece to the car. Luckily, they're safe.

As she remembers, the man was large though probably under 6 feet and maybe 250+ pounds in a gray t-shirt. The woman had dark wavy hair. They communicated to each other in spanish. She reported the incident to the police but hasn't heard any news since. Keep an eye out and if you see something, especially a couple matching these descriptions, say something!

(Edited to correct that she had almost been abducted)

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