During the summer, many people from all over the Albany area would take a short drive up the Northway and head to Saratoga Lake for Brown’s Beach and Kaydeross Park.

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The beach and amusement park have been closed for awhile. Now there’s a plan to possibly reopen Brown’s Beach, and open up public access to the lake.

In an article from the Times Union, that will be the main focus at an upcoming public meeting. Residents from the area will find out exactly what the plans are at Panza’s Restaurant on May 15. The meeting will be open to the public by reservation. To be part of the meeting, you need to call 518-728-1015.

Redevelopment of Brown’s Beach would include an area open to the public for swimming, bath house, arcade and more. Four acres of the waterfront property were purchased by Saratoga Springs, and the Town Of Stillwater purchased Brown’s Beach.

This sounds like it could be a great place to go in the summer. Please take our poll.