A popular store that sells cool collectibles, and pop culture toys, and even hosts meet and greets with celebrities inside Colonie Center is closing its doors in a few weeks according to sources.

Heroes Hideout at Colonie Center to close its doors

According to sources, Heroes Hideout will shut down its Colonie Center location on October 8th, and then open a new location inside Crossgates Mall later this year.

Heroes Hideout is known for its massive inventory of collectibles for kids and adults.  In addition to their neat selection of fun toys, they're also known to bring celebs to town for meet and greets, including WWE Superstars, and most recently, a visit from two former “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” stars, Catherine Sutherland and Walter Emanuel Jones.

"Our work at Heroes Hideout is a testament to love towards toys and collectibles for kids and adults alike. It doesn’t matter where your passions lie, we are a Sargon-like sanctuary where pop culture, creativity, and imagination are celebrated every day. We are known for carrying a massive inventory of merch, which includes Star Wars, Marvel, WWE, and Hot Wheels toys, Funko POPS!, horror franchise toys, and anime & manga-inspired toys." Heroes Hideout

Heroes Hideout has been inside Colonie Center for 4 years and recently they made the decision to to cease operation next month.  After the store closes on October 8th, items from Colonie Center will still be made available online.

What's next for Heroes Hideout?

According to News 10 ABC, Heroes Hideout will re-open inside Crossgates Mall sometime in November - just in time for Christmas.

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