One of Albany's busiest downtown locations will be losing the golden arches.

We hate to pass along the news of any restaurant closing, and this one just seems odd to share because it is a rare occurrence when any McDonald's closes up shop. If there is one thing you can always count on, it's any McDonald's location being busy at pretty much any time. But there is one Capital Region location will the deep friers will soon be shut down for good.

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McDonald's Closing Albany Restaurant

Say it ain't so!  After deciding not to renew its lease, McDonald's will be closing its restaurant in the Empire State Plaza in Albany on October 27th according to a News 10 report. While bad news for McDonald's fans who work at the plaza, the space will not be empty for long. The Office of General Services tells News 10 that a "new food vendor" is lined up to take over the space and an announcement on the new eatery should be coming soon. Talks are also ongoing for replacement vendors for Bomber's Burrito Bar and Auntie Anne's.

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