Police are reminding residents to be careful when warming up your cars!!  Its not only unsafe, but it’s illegal!

With an increase in stolen vehicles, Albany and Schenectady police are reminding residents to be careful with their vehicles!  A running unattended vehicle is unsafe and certainly appealing to thieves.

Albany Police Cars
Lou Roberts

While starting your car in the morning to make it warm and cozy for your ride to work is the norm in Upstate New York, its also a violation of the traffic law. Police want residents, especially those who park on the streets to be aware and vigilant.

Saturday night a car running unattended was stolen on Lark Street.  The car was involved in a short police pursuit.  The driver lost control and crashed into a house at the corner of Partridge Street causing minor damage.

Another reminder, don’t leave your valuables in your car if you leave it unattended, even just warming it up.  You never know!

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