If you drive a car, more than likely you've broken the law  - these are just facts!

Maybe you were using a cell phone illegally, or perhaps didn't come to a complete stop at the intersection - or maybe you had a bit of lead foot that day as you hurried to your next appointment.

The sinking feeling that you broke the law was only made worse by the police officer who just happened to be watching you from the side of the road.

Then it happens.  You sneak a peak up at the rearview- and boom - here come the lights.

We know what usually comes next; "Do you know why I pulled you over?" or "License and registration, please!"

While nobody is spared from having to obey traffic laws, some police in Upstate NY are taking it easier on residents during the season of giving, by handing out envelopes filled with cash, instead of traffic tickets and court appearance dates.


According to MYNBC5, Sgt. Strack of the Lake Placid Police Department along with fellow officers has been patrolling the streets, sometimes issuing tickets, sometimes they're giving out second chances, and some handing out $100 cash!

"I definitely didn't see this coming to me," said one driver to MYNBC5.  He was one of the lucky ones unexpectedly given an envelope and not a fine or a ticket.

According to the report, police in Lake Placid started this program a few years ago after an anonymous secret Santa donated money to the Lake Placid Police Department.


"If someone gets pulled over by the police, they're expecting what could be a negative interaction because they might drive away with a ticket," said police chief Chuck Dobson. "This gives us an opportunity — at the officer's discretion — to brighten someone's day instead." -MYNBC5.com 


Fortunately for Lake Placid Police, the same person gives more funds each year, and residents have started chipping in as well.

According to the report, officers will have nearly $4000 to distribute among drivers in both Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

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