Could this be the first time someone who was in hot water was actually in hot water?

I don't know if it's the first time, but this fugitive's hiding spot fits his situation. According to CBS 6, Judy Banach of Colonie woke up Sunday to the view of a fully clothed man standing up in her hot tub, surrounded by Police. The suspect, Rafiek Yussef, had a federal warrant out to appear as a witness in a case.

CBS 6 says police lifted the lid on the hot tub on a whim, and found the suspect hiding there. Police, who were exercising the warrant from Ohio, say the suspect was an illegal immigrant and had been previously deported as a felon. Now police will add trespassing and property damage charges on top of the federal warrant.

So there ya have it. Someone in hot water, in hot water. And it's a good thing the cops decided to lift that hot tub lid, right?


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