I never thought this is something that could happen, thankfully everyone involved is okay. An accident happened in Grafton earlier today that split apart a pick-up truck!

No word yet on how this could've possibly happened. All that is mentioned in the Facebook photo that started going around is that it happened on Route 2 in Grafton.

Thank goodness everyone is okay and no life-threatening injuries were reported but based on this picture, the accident didn't look damaging enough to completely split this pick-up in half. I can't confirm that the Old Brick truck was the other vehicle involved in the accident but if it was, wouldn't you expect more damage on that truck?

Only because, again, there were no life-threatening injuries, I do find some of the comments on the page pretty funny. For example, Bruce DeLaet left the comment "Be careful to Dodge, not Ram." Either way, the poor owner of this vehicle now has to look for another but I think we're all just looking at this picture today with the same expression and thought, "But, how?"

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