This isn't a new phone scam but it is circulating throughout the Capital Region once again. Police want to make sure you don't fall for it because they are impersonating law enforcement. According to News 10 ABC, residents in Saratoga Springs are being warned of an ongoing phone scam. If you are called, the scammer will identify themselves as a police officer. It will look like it is a legitimate number too. The scammers are going as far as to use caller ID that is mimicking the number of the Saratoga Springs Police Department.

The scam is when they ask for you to pay a fine or debt with gift cards to fix the situation. Be aware that Saratoga Police do not accept gift cards to pay bail on a warrant or to pay outstanding parking tickets or fines.

Saratoga Springs Police say that if you have received one of these calls, you are asked to report it and make sure to contact the police station directly to ensure it is a scam.

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