As a paramedic, you always seem to be on call. Whether you see something in the mall, or while you are driving, as a paramedic you always want to stop and see if you can help. But, at your wedding?

Getty images
Getty images

That’s what happened to a couple on their wedding day. Sarah Ray and her husband Paul, both paramedics, heard the call come over the radio about an hour after their wedding ceremony. There had been an accident. The rush to help immediately set in. Not only the urge to help, but then Sarah learned that it was her Father and Grandparents in the accident. They knew a car was totaled, but had no other details, so off they went to see if they could help.
Sarah said her grandmother was hospitalized for minor injuries from the airbags and seat belts.
As I said, as a paramedic, I am not sure you are really ever off duty. You just rush to the scene and see if you can help, just as Sarah & Paul did.
Thank goodness everyone is OK!  What a memory these 2 have!

Check out the video here to see Sarah in her wedding dress at the accident scene.

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