The Music and Memories of Aug. 24

2001- June Carter Cash undergoes surgery to have a pacemaker installed.

1998- Country Comedian Jerry Clower dies.

1985- Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers once again top the Billboard charts with 'Real Love.'

1977- Waylon Jennings is arrested in the middle of a recording session, along with his secretary, Lori Evans, on charges of conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. Although he remained addicted until 1984, errors on the part of the DEA caused all charges to be dropped.



  Kristyn Osborn, 1970. She joins sisters Kassidy and Kelsi to form SHeDAISY

Fred Rose, 1898. Songwriter and Music Publishing Executive.  In 1942, he teamed up with Roy Acuff to create the first Nashville-based music publishing company.  Acuff-Rose Music was immediately successful, thanks to the enormous hits of client Hank Williams.