March Madness is starting! Well, March Mascot Madness that is!

Mascot Madness is a bracket competition to determine your favorite SUNY mascot. Hey, we have some SUNY schools close by.

Coby Tiger from SUNY Cobleskill is ranked No. 1, while Damien from Albany is ranked fourth, Reggie from Fulton Montgomery Community College is ranked fifth and Viking from Hudson Valley Community College is ranked sixth! I know, it’s a random ranking system, but that pretty good for the Capital Region Colleges! Not too far from us, SUNY Plattsburgh’s mascot Burghy is seventh!


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You know me, I like a March Madness bracket so I’m up for voting. To vote for your favorite Mascot in round one, you have until March 11.To vote, head here to the SUNY website.


Baxter Bearcat from Binghamton University has won two years in a row. Come on Capital Region, let’s get one of our Mascots the win this year.