Sometimes I just wonder what in the world some people are thinking when they do things like this. All too often it it usually someone who has taken their job and more specifically "following the rules" much too seriously. A prosecutor in Idaho, Barry McHugh says that he issued the arrest warrant because the boy has failed to show up at court , twice. What is the reason he has been ordered to court? I'm glad you asked. This young heathen stole a pack of gum. Yep, you heard me, a 9 year old stole a pack of gum.

Hey, I get it Barry rules are rules but even the town's police chief, Scott Haug says he has never before seen anything like this. Haug also added that the boy had not shown up for court because his family had no way of getting him there.

But rules are rules though. Have we all lost our minds? The boy stole a pack of gum. I honestly think you would have a much harder time finding a 9 year old who had never stole from the candy store at least one time. I'm not saying stealing is right but I'm pretty sure there are many better ways to handle this "crime" and the tax payer's money.

What are your thoughts?


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