"The Pretenders" will make it's Capital Region debut in one of the locations it was filmed.

You may recall a few years ago James Franco was filming a movie in the Capital Region. In just a few weeks, we will get to see that movie!

'The Pretenders' will make it's Capital Region premiere at the Palace Theater Saturday, October 5th at 7pm, according to the Palace website. The 'red carpet' will be rolled out for this, and you can buy your tickets right now at the Palace website.

And what is cooler than showing the movie at one of the locations it was filmed? The Palace is one of several Capital locations that were utilized in filming. The Palace says James Franco appears in the movie (as well as Dennis Quaid) and describes the plot as a love triangle that '...careens into a lifestyle that leaves one of them fighting for their life."

So we know the Palace will jump out during the film, and it will be fun watching along to spot the other Capital Region locations in the film.

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