I am not one to bet on sports, as far as you know. This past weekend some friends of mine asked which wildcard playoff game I felt the strongest about. I told them to bet the house on the Green Bay Packers.

Sometimes you can just feel it when a team is gearing up to make a run. I felt this with the Packers in the last 3 games of the regular season. Their defense found another gear down the strecth, their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers was back and playing at full strength as well. The Packers now have to play the #1 NFC seed Atlanta to get into the NFC Championship game against the winner of the Seattle at Chicago game.  What to do now? I say to anyone who wants to listen once again, "bet the house on the Packers"!

Who do I think the Packers will play in the big game? The Baltimore Ravens. Let the games be played and we'll compare notes again next Monday.

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