There is plenty of drama in the NFL Championship round. In the NFC can the young Colin Kaepernick keep his big plays going long enough to beat Matt Ryan coming off his first ever playoff win. Then the AFC where the poster boy Tom Brady leads the Dynasty that is the New England Patriots against the Ravens led by Ray Lewis in what could be his last game.


NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons 3 pm on FOX

This is a big game for a few reasons, maybe the biggest is at halftime I will be giving away the fan cave at Vapor inside the Saratoga Casino and Raceway. Okay maybe that isn't the biggest reason but it'll be fun.

The 49ers are tough and can run and throw the ball. Their defense will punch you in the mouth and take your lunch money. Simply put they're bullies. If any team in the NFC can beat them it's Atlanta at home. I've gone back and forth on this one but I have finally decided now that Matt Ryan has the monkey off his back he's ready to go lose the Super Bowl. Take the Falcons +3.5


AFC Championship Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots 6:30 pm CBS

This is the game we're all waiting for! Questions will be answered. Is Joe Flacco ready to become the elite Quarterback he says he is? Is the emotional boost of Ray Lewis retiring enough to get the Ravens past the Patriots? Can the Patriots finally win another Super Bowl since the Giants won't be in it?

I really want to believe the Ravens can beat the Patriots in this one but I don't. The Pats win and win big! Pats - 9

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