Sadly, it was announced yesterday that actor Bill Paxton had passed away at age 61 after complications from surgery. Of course, when I heard the news I was shocked but had to think about what Paxton had actually been in.

I'm sure glad I did. I forgot about a lot of the roles he's played in some HUGE movies. Here is a list of our five favorite Bill Paxton films.

4. True Lies: Simon

"She'll make you beg for buttermilk"!

Remember this one? One of many James Cameron film appearances, Paxton was Simon in True Lies. Paxton played the slimy used car salesman who was also a con artist that tried to steal Schwarzenegger's's wife. Big mistake.

3. Twister: Bill Harding

"Okay Rabbit, impress me".

What's better than chasing storms? Not much. That's why we're glad for this one. Paxton and Helen Hunt star in this meteorological and suspenseful masterpiece. I don't want to date myself too much, but I do remember seeing this one in the theater back in 1996. For some, this movie has become a yearly tradition and who could forget that cow flying in the air?



2. Aliens: Hudson

"It's Game Over Man! Game Over"!

One of my most memorable movie scenes with Bill Paxton was when he played  the pessimistic Hudson from the Aliens, the second installment in the Alien franchise. Though he had a smaller role in the film this scene stands out among fans and movie critics as being one of the best moments in Sci Fi movie history.

1. Tombstone: Morgan Earp

"Don't let them get you brother. You're the one".

Tombstone is noted as one oft the best modern westerns of all time but in my opinion, it's one of the best movies ever made. There are so many things right with this film from the story and the set to the all-star cast! Paxton plays famous lawman, Wyatt Earp's brother, Morgan. Kurt Russell "brings down the thunder" all because the gang of cowboys killed Morgan in what some claim to be the best death scene in film.

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