Just in time for the holiday season, we have more information on the upcoming Lego Store in Crossgates Mall!

I first heard about the Lego Store in September. The kid in me is so excited to have an entire store dedicated to one of my favorite toys growing up. I would visit Crossgates Mall and see the announcement still up but no official date. Last we heard, they kept saying November. Well, here we are mid-November and finally know when we can expect the doors to open.

People on Reddit who recently went to Crossgates Mall noticed that the shelves are stocked and the big wall blocking the store was down but still no date mentioned anywhere on the storefront. Based on a flyer someone allegedly got and one of the workers outside of the old escape room, we should expect an opening this Friday. Chances are it's going to not be announced and serve as a soft opening but it's the perfect time to get your Lego Christmas shopping done! If we hear anything more official, we'll let you know but it looks as if we can expect the doors to open later this week!

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