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You Won’t Believe How Much Time Men Wait for Their Women to Shop
I went Christmas shopping this weekend... like allllllll weekend! So I know that my husband was waiting patiently at home for at least two whole days for me to shop! And, according to a new survey, he's not out of the ordinary! The new survey says that the average man spends more than three weeks of his life waiting for his wife or girlfriend to finish shopping...
Small Business Saturday is November 30th
Your feet and your credit card are still hurting after hitting all of the Black Friday deals.  You have been scanning the upcoming Cyber Monday deals on your computer.  But if you really want to do something to help out your community, make sure to stop by a small “mom and pop” store today on Small Business Saturday...
Black Friday
Great news! The Sean And Richie Show will be broadcasting the show live Black Friday morning from 5:30 - 10 a.m. at Colonie Center. I am super excited because even on the years we did our show on Black Friday, I never got a chance to really get out and see all the craziness and excitement. This year, we will be right smack in the middle of it all.
The Top 15 Toys for the Upcoming Holiday Season: The New Wii, One Direction Dolls and … Furby Again?
We know, we know—it's only September. When it comes to toys, though, it's never too early to start thinking about the holiday season, especially for retailers. It is big business. Huge business. The buying frenzy of the holidays can comprise 40 percent of the total annual profit for a toy store. With this in mind, Toys R Us has released their 2012 Holiday Hot Toy List to get a head start on the ho
Today Is National Underdog Day, Let’s Honor An Unsung Hero
Having discovered that today has been set aside to honor unsung heroes, I thought I'd tell you about one I just read about. Keep in mind I think heroes come in all shapes and sizes and to me, they don't have to do something extraordinarily heroic like run into a burning building to save a cat. I think the unsung heroes who do something special  in their day to day lives to improve the life of thei

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