What a bummer - many of us in the Capital Region have had countless dinners, drinks, and those amazing popovers at this restaurant in Saratoga Springs, and sadly, they may have served their last meal over the weekend.

According to the Saratoga Report, Sperrry's on Caroline Street in Saratoga may have served their last hungry patron over the weekend, and while the iconic restaurant hasn't publicly announced the closure, their website states that they're closed every day this week.

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Brian Cody
Sperry's Website

The Saratoga Report also claims to have placed a phone call to Sperry's on Saturday, and an employee who answered the phone "confirmed the closure and noted there were no dinner reservations available that evening as they were all booked."

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Sperry's Saratoga


First opened in 1932, Sperry’s was originally owned by Chubby and Cappy Sperry, which previously ran it as a Prohibition-era speakeasy before transitioning to a restaurant and bar. After Chubby Sperry’s passing, his wife ran things until 1979 when she sold it to John Rockwell and Ridge Qua. - Saratoga.com 


Sperry's, located at 30 1/2 Caroline Street Saratoga Springs is the Spa City's second-oldest restaurant. They've been in the news recently after there were reports that it was sold back in February, but sources claim that the deal ultimately fell through.

But news of their sudden closing was a bit of a surprise for a place that regularly drew big numbers, especially during track season.

Back on March 13th, a story appeared in Saratoga.com with Sperry's owner Scott Johnson discussing future plans for the restaurant which, looking back, appear to have foreshadowed the sudden shutdown.

“It’s time for me to start downsizing what I deal with on a regular basis,” Johnson told Saratoga.com. “The restaurant was one of those things. I decided it was time to sell.

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