One dead after cave tour capsizes in Upstate NY

A popular cave tour in Upstate NY turned into a ride of horrors for at least 28 adults and one staff person when the boat they were on capsized Monday morning, injuring 11 and tragically killing one man.

Lockport Cave, Google Maps
Lockport Cave, Google Maps

According to Rochester First, the harrowing incident took place during a Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride Monday morning at around 1120 am.  The popular tourist destination is about 30 mins north of Buffalo.

How did the boat capsize?

While the cause of how the boat capsized is still under investigation, the source says that 28 people were part of the "Destination Niagara USA tour and they were all from the Western New York area."

“The boat did a 180-degree turn, so the bottom of the boat was upright in the water,” Lockport Fire Chief Luca Quagliano said at a news conference. “A number of victims were on top of that boat initially when rescuers got to them," according to Rochester First.

"Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride along the Erie Canal is an exciting 75-minute historic guided walking tour through America’s past. Your tour guide will take you on one of the most unique tours on the Erie Canal or in all of America." Lockport Cave Tours

Tours since 1977

While the cave system itself dates back around 150 years, Lockport Cave Tours have been a popular attraction in Upstate NY since 1977 and officials say this is the first time anyone has been injured on the boat.


One died, and eleven were taken to the hospital

The person who died was not identified by officials but was said to be a local man about 60 years old, according to Rochester First.

Sources say he got trapped under the boat, and his wife who was also on board, has been hospitalized. In all, sources say eleven people were taken to hospitals with hypothermia and "relatively minor injuries."

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