On this week's Tech Talk, we definitely talked tech - the old, the new, and the confusing.  Here are just a couple of the stories covered today

This might be an advertisement for how good OLD SCHOOL lightbulbs are.  According to Gizmodo.com, there was this restaurant in California that wanted to refurbish their place.  As they were working on a wall, they detected a light coming through a wall.  To make a long story short, they figured out that this glow has been glowing since 1935!  It's a neon lightbulb, which I'm sure we would have a problem with today as it is toxic if broken, but come on!  What bulb these days would last that long, and if they did, wouldn't they cost $100 each?

And now onto the piece of technology that some find simple to use and others find down right obnoxious. Many responded to this from Facebook.  Here are just a few of the Q & A's for you.

1. Q:  I don't know how to record a program on this darn thing.

A:  (Ok, this one I can even answer!) Just look for the red button right above the #3 on the remote).  If you push it, it will record the program you are watching.  However, if you go to the "guide", you can pick any program and push record.


2.Q:  I want to record all the new episodes of a program, but I just want the HD versions, not the low resolution standard definition shows.

A:   I think you can.  For example, if you want to record something from ABC, instead of recording channel 10, go to 1810 and click record "new episodes"  in the settings.   Anything with an 18 in front of it is a high def channel.

3.  (My question).  I want to be able to rewind to a certain point in the program, but I can never get it to start pitying back anywhere NEAR where I want it to.  I was told you can adjust this setting.  Anyone know how to do this?

As you can see, I don't have many of the answers myself.  I want to make this a place where we can ALL share our questions and help each other out.  I guess what I'm saying is that  I'm just as technically challenged as you are.

Do you have a gadget you just don't understand?  Leave it in the comment section and we'll see who out there is the resident expert.   And thanks to all who responded to the remote control problems.   (Now if I could only find ours)