Chrissy and I last caught up with Countryfest 2019 headliner Old Dominion in Las Vegas a few months ago.  Right before the morning interview, we couldn't help but notice the shot of tequila they had quickly downed, followed the by the bevy of snacks they were destroying as the interview took place.  Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing unusual about what the OD boys were doing. In fact, Chrissy and I took this as a sign that these guys were comfortable, relaxed and willing to have a little fun.  Which we certainly did!  As many of you prepare for a Countryfest 2019 day filled with some partying, hanging out with friends and family and lots of great live music,  Old Dominion shared with us a sneak peak of what life can be like from the artists perspective.  Here are their thoughts on things like day-drinking, diet and something quite funny called 'hot-bagging'.  Enjoy...and we'll see you Saturday at SPAC for Countryfest 2019!

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