As a Oakland Raiders fan I am well aware of the public perception of my team and it's fans. People see the Raiders as a bunch of thugs and the fans as criminals and drug dealers. The history of the Raiders you see tons of penalties and "bad boys" and just look at "Boyz N The Hood" to see the stereotype of gangs as Raiders fans. Ice Cube is always wearing Raiders gear. So it warms my heart to see the Raiders stepping up and doing the right thing by the community that supports them.

From May 1st to June 30th the Raiders will donate 10% of all season ticket sales to the Oakland Public Schools. This is huge for the Oakland community because last year the school system had to cut programs and teachers were laid off. Raiders seasons tickets range from $260 to $1510 so 10% of that gross could be huge for Oakland's schools.

If you ask me this is just another of the positive factors of bringing in new General Manager Reggie Mckenzie who comes from the Green Bay Packers where the fans own the team. He has stepped in and made big decision after big decision. Cutting bad contracts, signing young talented caches and now the team is doing right by the community. As a life long Raider fan I can't remember when I've been more proud of my team. I wish we were closer to a pro team so our local teachers and schools could benefit like the people of Oakland will.