Ambulance personnel were at a call on Friday, but they had to call for assistance when the person they were trying to transport became violent.

Police Lights

New York State Troopers got to the scene on Route 5S in the Town Of Root, near Fultonville, and saw a struggle between a man and the ambulance personnel.

In a story from News 10 ABC, a Trooper tried to help restrain 40-year-old Jeremy Harrington. That’s when the Trooper allegedly got punched in the face by Harrington. Authorities took action and shot Harrington with a taser gun, and then finally got him restrained on a gurney. He was then transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam.

After the trip to the hospital, he took another trip. This time it was to town court to be arraigned, and then to Montgomery County Jail. Harrington was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Attempted Assault In The Third Degree.

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