If your New York state inspection, registration, or your driver's license is about to expire or has during the pandemic, you are getting another extension.  According to CBS 6 Albany, there has been another extension from Governor Andrew Cuomo for driver's licenses, inspection stickers, and car registration. He signed an executive order now changing the expiration from October 4th to November 3rd.

The governor said that the extension was to still keep New Yorkers home as long as possible to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. But many are saying that the DMV is completely back-logged and needs the extra time to catch up. Plus they don't want to see a mad rush of New Yorkers going to the DMV to get their paperwork done on time.

Many people in the Capital Region have been waiting weeks and sometimes months because of heavy restrictions at DMV sites. That means less capacity inside the facility to take care of customers. Many services can't be done in person because of COVID restrictions and have to be mailed in or done online.

The extension is also risky for safety reasons. The winter is on the way and if some vehicles don't have proper inspections done because they are able to extend them, it could cause safety concerns on the roadways in the Capital Region.

If your inspection, registration, or driver's license is expired you do have until November 3rd now to renew them.

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