Have you ever wanted to be the star of solving a local true crime? New York State Police are asking for the help of the Capital Region to help solve this local cold case.

I love watching true crime shows and documentaries. I feel like I've watched enough that I may have learned a little about the process and this may be my moment. The Times Union is reporting that the NYS Police are looking for help in solving a cold case from Washington County in 1988.

Now, I know what you're thinking, that was before I was born. If that's the case for you, too, that doesn't mean a new set of eyes couldn't help solve this.


On Sept. 12, 1988, a trapper checking his traps off of Lily Pond Road in Hartford found the body of a man and called Washington County Sheriff's deputies. When deputies investigated, they found a second man’s body. Both 57-year-old Frederick Pauling and 37-year-old James Checkush had been dead for several days at the point they were found. Police believed that they were killed in Pauling's home nearby and dumped near the road. Though Pauling was doing research with criminals for a book "The Criminal Mind," they found that the information didn't give them any leads.

If you happen to have any information, reach out to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 518-746-2475.

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