A New York lawmaker is exploring making Daylight Saving Time permanent.

Maybe like e this time of year your internal clock feels all out of whack. When Daylight Saving Time Ends, my sleep schedule gets thrown into a tizzy and I severely miss the hour of daylight we lose in the evening. If like me you wonder why we bother even falling back, you will love this news!

New York Senator Joseph Griffo from Rome has announced he is working on legislation to make Daylight Saving Time our permanent, year-round time system. So no falling back and springing ahead, just a permanent hour of daylight on the back end of the day! Which would be great, but it is a little more complicated than just a piece of New York legislation. Daylight Saving Time is federally regulated, and the announcement from the Senator says Congress would need to make the adjustment in legislation. The good news is a whole bunch of states would be on board for the change, according to Griffo.

I say bring on DST all year long! I would much rather have the daylight in the evening versus the early morning hours, as early in the day I am typically doing stuff in the house where the daylight does not matter much. Having it for the evening commute and those evening errands would be great. Not to mention, the daylight at the end of the day would also be something to look forward and I think would generally leave us in a better mood. And hey, no more losing an hour of sleep in the spring. Now that would be the best part of all this.

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